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We look after your home
while you look after yourself.

Do you need someone to look after your home while you snowbird down South or take an extended break at the cottage? Ever worry about your furnace or freezer suddenly failing while on vacation? Should you cancel your mail or newspapers while away? Are you an executor or realtor and looking for someone to watch an empty property for a period of time? Do you rent out your home via Airbnb, HomeAway or similar and need someone to manage your property for you? Perhaps you're recovering from surgery and need temporary assistance to help with certain household tasks. Or do you simply need some handyman assistance with your painting, decorating, carpentry, general repair or yard care work?

Home Services

We offer a range of personalized services to cover your unique needs. We are fully insured and experienced property caretakers.

Home Monitoring Visits

We provide comprehensive home watch services to ensure your house is safe and secure in your absence. We will be your eyes and ears for your home while you're away.

Maintenance & Property Care

We provide a wide range of handyman and property maintenance services, including painting & decorating, light carpentry, general repairs and yard care.

Property Management Support

We offer property managers a variety of services in support of their client owners, condominium boards, superintendents, landlords or tenants.

Home Services

  • We are experienced property caretakers and carry full business liability insurance
  • We look after residential, rental and commercial properties
  • We can provide care for estate properties during re-location, probate, foreclosure or any time a property becomes vacant
  • We will tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget
  • We're contactable 24/7 should you need to reach us

Home Monitoring Visits

  • Scheduled and fully documented home watch visits to meet your and your insurer's specific requirements
  • Extensive checklisted interior and exterior inspections focussed on maintaining the safety, security and correct mechanical functioning of your property
  • Short- or long-term arrangements to suit; any time of year
  • A comprehensive Standard Home Monitoring Package starting at a very affordable price - see below for details
  • A wide range of Optional Add-on home watch services from as low as $2 per service per visit - see below for details
  • For your added protection, we drive unmarked vehicles while visiting your property

Maintenance & Property Care

  • Painting and decorating
  • Light carpentry & general repairs
  • Smart Home & Home Automation installations
  • Short-haul furniture moving; junk and rubbish removal
  • Lawn and yard care

Property Management Support

  • Rental unit viewings; tenant meet & greet
  • Unit inspections: move-in, move-out, annual or as required
  • Scheduled maintenance: changing furnace filters, checking thermostats and CO/smoke detectors, cleaning dryer ducts, seasonal hose bib shutoff, etc.
  • On-demand maintenance: painting, carpentry, general repairs; cleaning, touch-up & repairs between leases
  • Coordinating with superintendents, vendors, real estate agents, lawyers or other 3rd parties as required
  • Professional-grade Real Estate Photography



Service Pricing

We value service & we value you.


As part of our Home Monitoring services we will create, with your guidance, a tailored checklist detailing the scope and frequency of the inspections to be carried out in your absence. Prior to departure we will confirm all details in your personalized service contract and provide you with helpful information on how to prepare your home before you depart. Following your departure, we will visit your home regularly, as set out in your contract, and report to you any conditions that could affect the safety, security or mechanical aspects of your property. As per your instructions, any concerns regarding the property will be acted upon in a timely fashion.

Our Standard Home Monitoring Package services includes both interior and exterior inspections of your home and will help in creating a "lived-in" look - as well as efficient energy usage while you're away. We also offer a number of optional Home Monitoring Add-on Services to help you create the ultimate level of customized protection and coverage.

Our customer-tailored home watch services provide peace of mind and satisfy insurance requirements for you while your property is vacant.

Standard Home Monitoring Package

From $20 per visit - everything below included

  • Fully-logged visits, documenting all checks performed and any issues that might have arisen
  • Survey exterior & outbuildings for storm damage, flooding, forced entry attempts or vandalism on the premises
  • Observe roof for any signs of blocked gutters & downspouts, ice dams or other issues
  • Full visual inspection of the property's foundation, pool, hot tub, sprinkler & irrigation system and landscaping
  • Check windows and doors ensuring everything is closed & locked
  • Check main gas shut-off valve
  • Survey garage and check vehicles on site (looking for break-ins, flat tires, leaking fluids, etc.)
  • Mail and flyer pick-up
  • Putting out and retrieving garbage & recycling bins
  • Room by room walk-through looking for anything out of the ordinary: mold, pests, vandalism, moisture or water damage
  • Visually checking for leaks in ceilings, under sinks and around any appliances that use or generate water
  • Monitor thermostat and ensure heating/cooling functioning at appropriate or agreed seasonal settings
  • Check correct functioning of furnace/heater, AC, plumbing, hot water tank, sump pump, pool pump, dehumidifier, lights, clocks, radios & timers
  • Check electrical panel for tripped breakers or fuses (and resetting any appliances affected)
  • Ensure proper refrigeration temperatures in fridges & freezers
  • Test smoke and CO detector for proper functionality
  • Flush all toilets and run water in cold temperatures to make sure pipes don't freeze
  • Empty/refill dehumidifiers/humidifiers
  • Inspect and dispose of mouse traps as needed
  • Indoor plant care
  • Open/close blinds & curtains and rotate or leave lights on to give a "lived in" look. We will use our own light timers if you don't already have some.
  • Setting & checking of any installed house alarms or security/surveillance system before leaving the property
  • Confirm any pre-arranged lawn or snow clearing services are being carried out
  • Act as first point of contact in the event of a home alarm triggering or security provider incident call
  • Follow homeowner's instructions whenever an issue arises during their absence
  • Contact home owner immediately if there is anything they should know about
  • Contact your insurance company when requested by home owner and be available if insurance companies need to visit home for assessments
  • Sending of visit logs to your email address (weekly or monthly as agreed); photos provided as needed

Home Monitoring Add-on Services

From $2 per service per visit

  • Send notifications when bills arrive
  • Mail forwarding
  • Start & idle or test drive your vehicle; boost battery as required
  • Retrieval of voicemail messages
  • Meter readings
  • Shovel walkway for mail delivery
  • Clear yard of debris from wind and storms
  • Run washer and dryer as required (rinse cycle)
  • Replace furnace filters if needed
  • Replace burnt out interior or exterior light bulbs; smoke/CO detector batteries
  • Replace mouse traps as needed
  • Check & top up water softener salt as needed
  • Add non-toxic plumbing anti-freeze to toilets and plumbing traps in winter months as an extra precaution
  • Temporarily open windows to air out your home (weather permitting)
  • Feed cats, change litter and a short play; fill bird feeders; small non biting rodents, reptiles and fish can also be considered
  • Installation of wifi-based thermometers and hygrometers for real-time remote monitoring of your property's temperature & humidity levels
  • Perform emergency visits before/after heavy rain, snow/ice storm or flooding
  • Make unscheduled visits to respond to triggered house alarms
  • Carry out any repairs you want done while away
  • Coordinate and/or supervise 3rd-party services such as snow removal, lawn care, cleaning services, vendors, contractor repairs, parcel deliveries, veterinarian, etc.
  • We also offer a selection of "Welcome Home" services such as powering up of appliances, furnace, AC or hot water in preparation of your return; a light grocery shop to ensure you have some fresh food, milk or anything else you might need upon your return; picking up pet from kennel; arranging for auto detailing; any other customized requests as appropriate.


For your added protection, we always recommend you consult your insurance provider regarding how frequently your home needs to be checked in your absence.


Pricing Details

We offer free consultations to design and implement customized home inspection plans for clients who are interested in our property minding and home check services. We also provide free quotes on work orders for clients who are interested in our maintenance, repair or property management support services. Specific services are priced thus:

Home Monitoring Visits from $20 + HST per visit*. Additional fees may apply for selected Add-on Services (see above), visits on statutory holidays, and property locations that are farther than 30 km from Brockville City Hall**. Longer-term visitation arrangements are available at discounted rates.

Maintenance, Repair and Property Management Support Services at $50 + HST for the first hour (with a minimum charge of 1 hour per visit) and then $30 + HST for every hour beyond that. Any agreed materials to be purchased will be charged on top of this.

Junk removal at $40 + HST per 4' x 8' trailer load. (Brockville Waste Management dumping fee is extra.)


Accepted payment methods


Visa MasterCard Interac Flash Interac e-Transfer
PayPal American Express Discover JCB


* Should you choose to enter into a service agreement with propertyminder, details of the agreement will be provided to you in writing prior to commencement of such services. Any selected Add-on Services, distance surcharges (if your property is farther than 30 km from Brockville City Hall as measured by Google Maps), and/or term discount (if any such discount was agreed to at the time of signing the agreement) will be explicitly included in the agreement. Upon your return, any changes to the agreement that were mutually agreed to during the course of the service arrangement, will be reflected in a final invoice.
** Leeds and Grenville (Southeastern Ontario) locales within this 30 km radius include Addison, Algonquin, Athens, Brockville, Cardinal, Charleston Lake, Escott, Forthton, Frankville, Jasper, Johnstown, Junetown, Lyn, Maitland, Mallorytown, New Dublin, North Augusta, Prescott, Seeley, Spencerville, Tincap and Toledo

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Meet Karen and Innes. As seasoned homeowners, rental and vacation property owners, landlords, home renovators and property caretakers, we have what it takes to deliver on your property minding and maintenance needs. Drop us a line via our request form below or reach out to us via phone, text or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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